As a child, my father, a mechanic, would often pull over on the side of the road and help a stranger whose car broke down. I was praying for someone like my dad when my parked car was hit in Wilmington overnight. I was visiting the Port City on business. I walked out of my downtown bed & breakfast to discover the driver’s side mirror had been ripped off my car. I was shaken, not knowing what to do or where to go. I called a friend back in Raleigh and she found Port City Collision in a Google search.

I called at 8 a.m. that morning and Jennifer answered. She listened as I told her I was afraid to even drive the car to the shop, fearing I would cause an accident trying to get around without a driver’s side mirror in an unfamiliar town. Jennifer came to the bed & breakfast, drove the car to the shop and returned it to me with a new mirror within hours. I hugged her twice, feeling blessed that she had taken this burden off me. No worries with Port City Collision. I can’t say enough how reassuring it was to have the efficiency and kindness of the people there. I thank them for putting my mind at ease and my car safely back on the road.