Thank you for the good work on repairing my BMW. Below is the review I posted on Yahoo. I am 47 years old and had the first accident that was may fault since I got my drivers license at 16. Because the odds have been with me through the years, I have always carried liability insurance only. Not long after I traded in my aging BMW for a newer model, of coarse, I run into the back of a pick up truck (my fault) and crumple the front of my new BMW. I went to 3 body shops in town for estimates. Since I was paying out of pocket , price was a factor! One Shop estimate came in at $4,000.00 Another came in about the same. Port City Collision came in at $2,800.00. I look at their facility, which was very nice, large and plenty of business going on. I decided to give them my business. Dropped off the BMW on a Monday and they said they would shoot for being finished on Thursday or Friday. On Thursday Jennifer from the shop calls me and warned me that they may not be finished by Friday but if they were not, they would rent me a car on their dime until mine was ready. I was impressed and appreciated that. The car was in fact finished on Friday. The work was impeccable! The car was really nice looking before the accident, and even better looking after their work! These folks were very professional at every step. I always post reviews whether they are good, bad or ugly to keep businesses in check! This company deserves this good review and a good recommendation. Thanks for the good work!