Certified Collision Repair vs Insurance Network Approved

What is a Certified Collision Repair Center and Does It Matter?

When it comes to collision repairs, there's a lot of information to take in. What are all of the certifications and acronyms and do they matter for drivers, or just the industry? Can you simply follow your insurance company's recommendation? What is best for you and your vehicle? Regardless of anything you've been told by anyone, including your insurance, you have a choice in who repairs your vehicle. Only you can make the best decision for yourself, but we hope we can help you make an informed one!

OEM Certified Collision Repair

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) certifications are difficult to achieve as they require intensive, continuous training and investment in cutting edge equipment. Essentially, this certification says that the provider has the knowledge and tools to perform repairs just as well as the factory that originally made the vehicle, regardless of how new or old it is. It doesn't get better than that! Port City Collision is a Certified Collision Center for several manufacturers, including Audi, BMW, Range Rover, Porsche, Jaguar, and Tesla, achieving the highest quality and safety standard for our repairs.

Insurance Network Approved Providers

Direct Repair Programs (DRP) are networks of approved repair facilities created by insurance companies, not vehicle manufacturers. Insurance companies have their own standards they use to approve facilities for their networks. Chief amongst their priorities will almost always be cost. DRP providers may save the insurance company money by not investing in the latest equipment, technician training, or the highest quality parts.

What Does This Mean for You?

Depending on your top priorities for your collision repair, you may want to choose a Certified Collision Center instead of a shop from your insurance's approved network. These are the main differences that will affect you and your vehicle:

Certified Collision Center

  • Lifetime Guarantee via Shop
  • Estimates based on repair process, accurate prediction of work
  • Protected resale value
  • Maintain manufacturer warranty


  • Lifetime Guarantee via Insurance
  • Standardized virtual estimates, may not be 100% accurate to repair process
  • Possible parts and labor discount from high volume, which may affect quality of repair

At Port City Collision, we care most about fixing cars the right way. To do this, we pursue and maintain OEM Certifications rather than referral networks. As you explore the differences of your collision repair options and speak with your insurance company, we hope this information can empower you to make the best decision for you and your vehicle. Most often, insurance companies will steer your towards a preferred shop that benefits them for specific reasons. Do your research to ensure these reasons are also benefitting you and what you care about most! If anyone tries to tell you that your repairs won't be warrantied or creates other questions about a Certified Collision Center, know that we stand behind our work with a lifetime warranty and are liable for our repairs the same as any other shop. If you need clarification or would like to hear more about what to expect when working with us, please contact us today!

Written by Port City Collision