Repair Estimate Processes

Insurance-Provided vs Port City Provided

Not all collision estimates are the same! Make sure you understand what to expect from your collision estimate and the repair process that follows. Oftentimes, we find that clients aren't fully prepared for the difference between their insurance-provided virtual estimate and the comprehensive estimate we provide on site. If you are considering or plan on having your vehicle repaired with us, this information will be helpful!

If you have questions about your vehicle damage or want to get an estimate started, contact us today! Our team is certified to repair Audi, BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, Range Rover, Tesla, and other vehicles. We're Wilmington's experts for collision repair.

Insurance Virtual Estimates

All insurance companies handle claims differently, but generally, you can expect a process with similar steps. First, you provide information about your accident to your insurer, such as the location, weather conditions, and photos of the damage. The insurance company will send an adjuster to check your car and its damage. This is when you will get an initial estimate for the repair cost, including parts and labor. The most important thing to know is that this estimate, whether done via submitted photos of the damage or by an insurance adjuster, is not necessarily going to be the exact cost of the repair.

Port City Collision Estimates

As a Certified Collision Center, Port City Collision approaches all repairs with one priority: doing the best job possible. Our estimates are thorough and may uncover more damage than what can be seen on the surface with a virtual estimate or by an insurance adjuster. This is one reason why our estimates may be higher than the initial insurance estimate. Another reason is that we work with OEM parts, which may be more expensive than aftermarket parts. If your insurance-provided estimate did not account for the best quality parts or technical labor required to repair your vehicle to factory standards, then it may come in lower than ours. Although our estimate may seem to conflict with the insurance process, it's all part of our process to get you the best repairs possible. Once we have a thorough and complete scope of the necessary repairs, we go back to your insurance to get you the maximum payout.

This part of the process is often the most arduous, as the back-and-forth communicating with the insurance company can feel to the vehicle as though it will never end. We assure our customers that after this step, our team can begin your official repair process, ordering parts and fixing your vehicle to get you back on the road as fast as possible. If you are concerned about the duration of your repairs, we recommend starting this process right away and scheduling your estimate with us!

Written by Port City Collision